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Fitting Guide

All the questions you need answers to, by our Fitting Experts!


For the Ma Cherie team, our greatest wellness project is YOU! 

In order to enjoy the most out of our collections, we have gathered here - for your eyes only - the most common questions we get online and in stores, hoping that we will help you pick the self-care garments you will love to wear every single day!

Please send us your questions at or contact us via our social accounts (@macheriestores). 


How can I "read" the size of a bra?

Bra size (underwear or cup-sized swimwear), consists of 2 measurements: cup size (letter) and band size (number).

For example for 75D, D is the cup size and 75 the band size. 

Note: all our bra sizes are in European measurements - please check our Size Guide for size conversion (available at every product page). 


How do I know that I am wearing the right bra size?

The perfect bra ticks all the 3 check boxes;
1. Underwire should be around the bust and not on the bust. If the underwire hits on the bust, then you should size up (cup).
2. You should be able to fasten a new bra at the 1rst (outer) band scale. This means you will be able to move on the inner scales after a certain time of use. 

To check the band size, raise your arms; if the underwire goes up, you need to size down (band).

3. Back band should always be horizontaly aligned with the cups. If you need to fix the straps tight in order to align back band and cups, the bra size is wrong. 

*EXTRA TIP: If you often find the straps dropping from your shoulders, try on bras that can be also be fastened in criss-cross shape. 


What is a T-Shirt bra?

T-shirt bras are lightly padded and completely invisible under any garment, even under extra thin summer fabrics such as T-shirts!

You may find T-shirt bras with lace detailing or 100% seamless - in any case choose a T-shirt bras if you aim for total invisibility. 


What is a Minimizer bra? 

Minimizer bras are designed for full bust coverage, with no padding nor seams on the cups. 

They provide with a smooth, round shape along with a minimizing, "one size down" visual effect. 

Minimizer bras are ideal for excellent support from E+ cup size; their technical construction featuring wide bands and round back, takes weight from the shoulders and neck helping you to keep a healthy body posture.


Are wireless bras suitable for every cup size?

If your cup size is D to E, we suggest you choose the same cup size with your underwire bra and size down on the band; due to the absense of the underwire, the back is more "flexible" so a smaller size would fit better. 

*EXTRA TIP: Unless otherwise adviced by a health expert, we suggest underwire bras for E+ cup sizes. Underwire bras take weight off the shoulders and neck, helping you to maintain a correct body posture. Choose wireless bras for relaxing moments e.g. at home. 


What are the general size guidelines for your ACTIVEWEAR collection? 

Sizes frequently differ according to country of origin and fabric technical features. 

ALO YOGA (USA): Normally you need to size down from your European size. 

VARLEY (USA / UK): Size down from European size for Lolux styles, choose the same for Letelux styles.

P.E. NATION (AUSTRALIA): Size up from your normal European size.

*EXTRA TIP: All our activewear brands offer options of premium fabric quality so you do not have to worry about losing their flexibility and fit after certain time of use!


Do sports bras provide support up to bigger cups?

Our ACTIVEWEAR sport bras normally provide with great support up to D cup.

From E cup and up, we suggest sports bras from our UNDERWEAR collection, as they more technical focused on big cups. 

We suggest you avoid sizing up ACTIVEWEAR sports bras to cover bigger cups; even if the bust is visually covered, fit will not be right especially during high-intense workouts. 


Are there options for women who avoid completetly synthetic fibers or they have a very sensitive skin?

Yes there are! At Ma Cherie we work with brands who launch 100% non-synthetic materials (e.g. La Petite Lejaby line made from natural fibers, Hanky Panky's signature hypoallergic lace, Pima Cotton series by Eberjey etc). 

All underwear come with a 100% cotton crotch to ensure maximum level of hygiene. 


Why are your ACTIVEWEAR and SWIMWEAR collections rapidly sold out?
At Ma Cherie we aim for uniqueness!

We believe that every woman should feel special in her outfits, so we do not overstock our collections. 

Remember to stay always tuned for our new arrivals to pick your size before it is gone!
Does have the same product selection as Ma Cherie stores?
All our new arrivals and basic collections are available both online and in stores, atlhough there are stock differences.

Please contact our stores for availability in specific products / location here


Is the OUTLET collection available to try on in stores?

Sorry, our OUTLET collection is only available online. Please note that this also applies for returns / refunds. 


Do you have questions for our team? Please send us your questions at or contact us via our social accounts (@macheriestores). 


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